Read about the experiences of some of my past and present clients:

“Many years ago due to poor health I consulted a medical herbalist which I found very helpful with most of my symptoms being either eradicated or relieved. Therefore, last year, struggling again with exhaustion, pain, sleeplessness, indigestion and bowel problems, I contacted Tim Moorhouse for advice.

Tim took a very detailed medical and personal history, and then discussed his plan of action with me. Since then, alongside my existing NHS prescriptions, I have taken various tinctures, powders and teas, and used oils and herbs externally, as prescribed by Tim. These have been regularly monitored and adjusted by Tim, in discussion with myself.

Today, I am very happy to report that my symptoms have improved dramatically. I have learned when and how to use the various prescriptions and this has given me far more control over my body and my life.

Very recently, following a distressing injury, my pain again became unbearable. I sent Tim a SOS; he contacted me, discussed various options, then dispensed medicine immediately, so that I could begin treatment the same day. Amazingly, after only 3 doses, I was able to report back to Tim that the agonising pain had stopped.

Of all my problems, the most stunning improvement has been pain control. This has enabled me to reduce drastically my intake of conventionally prescribed heavy duty painkillers. I look and feel much better and am more alert. The other symptoms have variously reduced or stopped.

Tim is a good listener and imparts his knowledge professionally and with gentle humour.
Thanks Tim!”

Vanessa F. Sale, Cheshire.

“Tim is very welcoming and never judgemental. He also gently pushes you to really explore the issue and generates a far superior depth of healing as a result. Our sessions have given me a perspective on the past, helped to make some life changing decisions and improved my prospects for a happier, fuller life.”

Dan C. Manchester


“Tim’s responsive but sensitive approach enabled me to explore both my symptoms and feelings in an in-depth and thorough way. As well as being a passionate and knowledgeable herbalist he also has the ability to listen to his clients in a bespoke and considered manner. Tim cares immensely about both his practice and his clients”

Joe C. Salford

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