Psychotherapy - Manchester & Altrincham Sometimes life can feel like a stuck record. The same old problems keep coming back or won’t go away. At other times we may feel stuck or held back from achieving our hopes or dreams. Perhaps you have been depressed and or anxious for some time or have other longer term mental health issues. These would all be reasons to see me for psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to help you understand what makes you tick. It can, for example, involve an exploration of your past and the relationships and experiences that have formed you. This sometimes helps to understand how we are part of the issues that affect us in the present. If we can understand these dynamics we can begin to make changes in the way we behave so that things can be different in the future.

pathThis process tends to take from a few months up to a couple of years of weekly work. It is particularly helpful for addressing:

  • Depression & Anxiety problems
  • Complicated grief issues
  • Childhood abuse
  • Relationship and family problems
  • Long term mental health issues
  • Sexuality issues

Psychotherapy tends to be longer term than counselling. It may however involve using EMDR, especially if there have been any traumatic events in the past.

For more information, to discuss what option might be best for you or to make an appointment to see me at my practice in Manchester, please phone me on 07958783185 or email at


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