About Herbal Medicine

Tim Moorhouse – Western Herbal & Traditional Chinese Medicine

The use of plants to treat disease is the oldest form of medicine on the planet. Archaeological evidence exists to show that our earliest ancestors used herbs and many of the classical civilisations had sophisticated forms of herbal healthcare. Much of this ancient knowledge has been preserved and passed down to us through mediaeval medical texts and the folklore known to our great grandparents’ generations. In fact it is estimated that, even now, 80% of the world still relies on herbal medicine as their primary source of healthcare.

Western Herbal Medicine

Modern Western herbal medicine combines this heritage with up to date scientific research, to produce an approach to medicine that can also tackle many of the challenges not faced by our ancestors.

As well as learning this traditional and evidence based plant science, Western Medical Herbalists are also trained to diagnose, to understand orthodox medicine and in holistic approaches to maintaining optimum health. They use these skills to look beyond the obvious, to the root cause of a problem, and choose the most appropriate herbs to enable the body to correct imbalances, heal itself and improve performance. They do this by treating the person, not the symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

I Have also gone on to train in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM which is an ancient form of herbal medicine still practiced in China and throughout the world. Using pulse and tongue diagnosis alongside more western diagnostic techniques adds to this powerful approach when treating patients.

Who Can Benefit From Herbal Medicine?

Medical Herbalists are able to work with people of all ages and with those already receiving orthodox treatments. By choosing herbs that will not interact with these medicines and, where appropriate, by developing working relationship with other medical professionals, they are able to ensure that their treatments are complementary and safe.

Many people also benefit from the Herbalists approach to maintaining health and wellbeing, supporting them to perform at their best in stressful lives.

What Can Be Helped By Herbal Medicine?

As a Medical Herbalist I have seen a wide range of conditions which have generally responded well to herbs. I also work with people who may not have specific conditions who are wanting to maintain their health or deal with stress.

In particular herbal medicine can help with:

Functional dyspepsia
Irritable bowel syndrome
Premenstrual syndrome
Back pain and osteoarthritis
Acute infections including acute rhinosinusitis, the common cold, uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infections, influenza types A and B.

For more information, to discuss what option might be best for you or to make an appointment please phone me on 07958783185 or email at timmoorhousecounselling@gmail.com