Monthly Archives: November 2013


November 18, 2013

So I have finally got around to updating my website. Well one of them anyway!

This site now covers both my counselling and psychotherapy practices and my herbal medicine practice. Up to now I have kept them separate, not sure why, but it felt like the right time to bring everything together.

I guess that as I have developed as a herbalist since qualifying in 2009 I have begun to introduce herbs more and more into my psychotherapy practice. I have also had a number of clients who have become herbal patients and vica versa. I therefore no longer differentiate between the two so why have 2 sites!

Also opening The Kings Rooms has  played its part as they really feel like a home for my whole practice. I am also really proud of what Ben and I have achieved there and look forward to the development of Green Bear Health Ltd in the next few years.