Herbal Consultations

Initial Consultation

Herbal HandsIn the initial consultation Tim takes a detailed case history, starting with your your concerns and aims for the treatment. This also covers any past issues as well as your current medication and supplements, lifestyle, diet and social situation. He also carries out any relevant physical examinations, including pulse and blood pressure as standard.

Next, he makes he will discuss with you findings from your history and the examination and will discuss with you what herbal medicine can offer. At this point he may also refer you on, either for further tests or if he feels your problems are beyond his ability to help.

In discussion with you, he will also draw up an individualised health plan detailing relevant dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your lifestyle.

Lastly, he prescribes and makes up a unique herbal medicine using herbs that best fit your situation.

heartsease_botanicalHerbal Medicines

Herbal medicines may be in the form of tinctures (a blend of herbal extracts in an alcohol/water base), powders, capsules, teas or creams, lotions or oils for external application.

Follow Up Consultations

You return for a follow up consultation 2 weeks later where further exploration of your condition will lead to changes in your health plan and medicine. Further follow ups every 4 weeks allow additional changes, in response to the way your condition develops through the course of treatment.

How long you will need treatment for depends upon a number of factors; these include the nature of your initial enquiry and how well you respond to the herbs.

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